Platform Broom Stiff Bassine 24" C/W Handle & Stay

Platform Broom Stiff Bassine 24" C/W Handle & Stay


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Product Description

Introducing the Platform Broom with Stiff Bassine bristles, a 24" cleaning powerhouse that comes complete with a durable handle and stay. Engineered for robust cleaning on various surfaces, this broom is a versatile and effective solution for both indoor and outdoor tasks.


Key Features:


  1. Stiff Bassine Bristles: The platform broom is equipped with stiff Bassine bristles, known for their durability and resilience. These bristles provide excellent sweeping action, making it ideal for handling tougher debris and giving your floors a thorough clean.

  2. Generous 24" Sweep Width: With a wide 24" sweep width, this broom covers a substantial area in a single pass, ensuring efficient and quick cleaning. It is perfect for use in workshops, garages, warehouses, and outdoor spaces where a larger sweep is necessary.

  3. Complete with Handle and Stay: The broom comes complete with a sturdy handle and a stay, providing a ready-to-use solution for your cleaning needs. The handle is designed for comfortable grip and control, while the stay enhances the broom's stability during use.

  4. Versatile Cleaning Solution: Whether you're dealing with fine dust or stubborn debris, the Platform Broom with Stiff Bassine bristles handles it all.